"4 of Brazil`s most dazzling beaches" (Lonely Planet, Brazil 2008)


There are 6 main beaches in Trindade. Praia Brava, do Cepilho, da Fora, dos Ranchos, do Meio and Caxadaço  which are all within easy walking distance of the hostel (the latter 2 are both inside the Serra do Bocaina National Park). To explore all these beaches needs a minimum of 2 days but 4 or 5 days is recommended if you want to get a real feel for the place.

Some of these beaches have big waves but others like Meio and Ranchos are more sheltered and better for swimming


Trindade is a well known surf town and has some of the best surf in Rio state. Praia do Cepilho is the main break, but there are also breaks at Caxadaço and Brava. There is a selection of boards available for hire at the hostel as well as a couple of shops that rent boards in the village. Surf lessons are also available through the hostel with an English speaking teacher.

Natural Swimming Pools

The natural pools of Cachadaco are a must visit for any visitor and a highlight of any stay in Trindade, they also offer the best opportunity to do some snorkelling.