We organise a number of exceptional excursions which no other agencies are able to offer.

Ponta Negra

If Trindade is paradise then Ponta Negra is utopia. A small caicara fishing village with no electricity located on the remote Joatinga peninsula between Trindade and Paraty, Ponta Negra is only accessible by a 3 hour hike through the rainforest or by private boat. Spending time in Ponta Negra is a truely rewarding experience and being able to interact with the local children who are lucky enough to call this place home, is something you will remember for a very long time. The beach and ocean is their playground and it is fascinating to just sit and watch them as they run from game to game with the care-free attitude you would expect to associate with people who live in a place like this.

Whatever you decide to do, a trip to Ponta Negra will rank among any highlights of a trip to South America

Day Trip

We organise a day trip that leaves by boat from Trindade in the morning and stops at praia de Galetas and the spectacular praia dos Antigos before continuing by foot for the last hour to Ponta Negra. The relatively straight forward hike includes stops at praia dos Antiginhos and at a local waterfall with various different natural pools to explore. After a late lunch on the beach in Ponta Negra we spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing there. It is fun to witness the time honoured tradition of the fishermen returning in their dugout canoes with the days catch before returning by boat to Trindade.

Multi day trips

For those with a bit more time on their hands it is possible to experience something really special and actually spend a night or two in Ponta Negra. We have access to our own private house that sleeps up to 10 people and is just meters from the beach. It is the perfect place to escape to really forget about the rest of the world and relax in this wonderfully remote corner of paradise. We see all the same things that you can see on the day trip except that we don’t leave Trindade by boat, instead we hike all the way from Laranjeiras which is where the road ends and the trail begins.

The 3 hour hike is not difficult and it helps put into perspective how isolated Ponta Negra really is. Normally we just spend one night there but it is also possible to spend even more time for those looking for a bit more adventure. With the assistance of a local guide we can visit the Saco Bravo waterfall or even summit the regions highest mountain, the 1071m Pico de Cairucu. To avoid backtracking we usually return to Trindade by boat, which offers another great view of the whole area and its outstanding natural beauty. 

Fishing Trip

What better way to eat dinner than to catch it yourself? Under the guidance and expertise of a local Trindade fisherman we can help you realise that dream. Aside from the obvious fishing you also get to watch the professionals in action as we attend one of their daily net hauling sessions. The trip also includes stops at praia de Galetas and the Indian’s Head before returning to the hostel your freshly caught fish ready for the barbeque.