Trindade is also a great spot for surfing, and regularly holds surf competition on a number of its beaches

What to do in Trindade


There are several jungle trails that offer hiking opportunities such as the one to the Indian’s Head which is about an hour past the natural pools or just to get to the hidden deserted beach of Praia Brava. Longer hikes can also be arranged but require the use of a local guide since these less used jungle trails are unmarked and quickly get overgrown when they are not used regularly. We can also organise longer multi day hikes to Ponta Negra and Praia do Sono, for more info see the excursions section of the site.


There are 2 main waterfalls in Trindade and we try to take all our guests to the one nearest the town which is known locally as “Rock that Swallows”. This is only 20 minutes walk from the hostel and the free tour that we offer is well worth doing. Apart from disappearing under the river in the famous swallowing rock there is also a small waterfall with a cave behind it that you can go into as well as a small waterslide further down the river.

The other waterfall is over at Praia Brava and is one of the most peaceful and least visited of Trindade’s many attractions.